Want To Know About The British Open Tournament


If you love to play golf and know about its tournaments, here below, we are discussing British Open Tournaments. It is one of the international tournament of Golf sport, and it is officially known as the Open. There are many other major tournaments like the US Open, Professional Golfer’s Association. The Open tournament has been held annually in Scotland, England. If you follow the sport religiously, high is the chance that you can make good money on https://www.ogdenvalleysports.com/.

History of tournament

The first tournament was held in 1860 in Scotland, and there are only eight professionals played the match with three rounds of 12 hole course. After it has been dominating by professionals and its popularity also becomes elegant, and in 1955, it became part of the PGA tour’s official schedule.

Format for tournament

The tournament needs to decide their format, which is also essential to know some essential points like date, avenue, participating teams, time, etc. This tournament consists of 156 players, and there is a total of 72-hole stroke play format there, in which 18 holes per day to be held, and it will over for four days. The tournament starts before the third Friday in July, and it is one of the recruitment formats of the tournament and there will Thursday to Sunday tournaments are held. There is also a tee time between the match, as each player has two times tee break one morning and the other in the afternoon, and it consists randomly. There will be cut after 36 holes, and only the top 70 and some of the ties play the final.

It has been held at various locations throughout the united states. In 2011 there are 71 courses located in different states for PGA Championship, and there are only 14 courses located in the united kingdom. There are many other locations for British Open are Scotland, which includes Prestwick, Carnoustie, Turnberry, Royal Troon, and many more. Talking courses in England courses include royal rhythm, royal cinque ports, prince’s Hoylake, Royal Birkdale, and many more.

Qualification in the tournament

Many players attempt to qualify from different continents each year. There are a total of twelve spots reserved for final qualifying for the Open. This is included as, top four from Asia, the top eight from America, and the top 10 from Europe. More than 2500 players attempt to qualify for the Open, but the exact number of spots depends upon the field’s size.

The Open field generally consists of 156 competitors; from that, 32 categories will get exemptions based on past achievements. From that, 32 categories will include ten finishers from the previous year Open and get exemption according to the age.

Prizes in tournament

There are many prizes and awards given to the winning players. The winner will get prize money of $1.5 million with the winning trophy of a golf champion. Players who don’t cut, they will not get the cash winnings.


In a nutshell, so these all about the British Open tournament, one of the prestigious golf tournament tournaments in the world.

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