Here are some glimpses of the Kabaddi World Cup


Kabaddi is now becoming one of the famous sports, and it has millions of fans worldwide who love to play it. Like cricket, football, and many sports, there is also an international tournament for kabaddi on an international basis, where many teams participating from their alter countries. If you know the game so well, you could rack up some winnings if you bet via

Kabaddi World Cup is one of the international kabaddi competition conducted by the IKF (International Kabaddi Federation). It is contested by both men and women from their national teams. A total of 20 teams participated in the tournament, which plays against each other for winning the tournament.

Scoring system

There are many types of scoring points given in the kabaddi. If players go for the raid will get points in two ways; one is a bonus point, and the other is a touchpoint.

In a bonus point, if the raider crosses a bonus line with its one foot in the air and others on the line, then the raider will be successful in getting a bonus point. For touchpoint, if the raider touches any defenders and then returned to the mid, he will get points equivalent to the numbers of players he touched. The point is that one player from the raiding team will get revived, which first was Out.

There are also points of tackle when any defender successfully prevents the raider from returning to the central line within the time limit of 30 seconds. Points will be awarded to the defending team and raider, which has been tackled forced to out of play, and one player gets revived from the defending team, which is first out.

There are also points awarded for all out; if all the team players get out of play, then the opposition team will be awarded as additional two points. Then all the players will reinstate back on the court to play n the court.

Rules for the tournament

    • Any numbers of teams take part in the tournament will get divided into two groups with half-half teams. All the teams will play with each other based on knockout out, and the top teams from each group will go to the semifinals. Then these teams play against each other, and top teams will go to the finals, and the team which won the final will win the tournament.
    • If the matches are held to tie, both teams will get three league points, and if in semifinal and final there will be tied after the 40 minutes, then there will be extra time given for the match. There will be 7 minutes of extra time is awarded to decide the result of the match.
    • If there will be tied at the end of extra time, then Golden Raid will be announced. In this raid, the referee will conduct a toss, and which team won it will get a chance to get raid; in that single raid winner will be decided.
    • The referee and umpires’ decision is full and final, and there will be no arguments done by the players to the referee.

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