Get to know about Some Tennis Heroes With Surprising Career Comebacks

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Everyone loves sports, whether watching or playing, and it’s a great way of entertainment. It also acts as a great way to strengthen bonds with your friends or family. These games can be both hard and easy. You can choose any of them which you like the most. Many games are played at international levels with great athletes. One of them being tennis. Tennis is a widely popular one with awesome players just like in any other game. The players show their best skills to win, and what’s better than representing your country? You can also enjoy it.

Many tennis heroes have made a come back in this one. If you have been wondering how to improve your game of tennis, then here are a few things that you might find worth considering for the process. These are just additional tips that you need to focus on besides your regular training routine. You can support your idols via playing 먹튀 online and have the chance to win a decent amount of money.

The five elements of ball control in tennis

If someone knows the proper way to hit the ball in tennis, then he or she is said to know almost the most about a tennis game; in tennis, everything revolves around the ball control and how a player can hit the ball and in swing it in the ground, below are the elements of ball control discussed briefly:

  1. Height: Height is the most important element of ball control. A player must always keep in mind that the ball must be hit to move at a height above the net, i.e. approximately 5 feet.
  2. Depth: Depth is very much related to height. It refers to how deep the ball lands. Sometimes it can land deep, which is better, while sometimes, it is optional to land it short.
  3. Direction: Direction is the next element to master after height and depth. It will help you control in what direction you should shoot the ball.
  4. Spin: Spin is a pro-level technique of ball controlling. It helps the player move the ball so that it is less predictable to the opponent player.
  5. Power: the last element in tennis is power. Power is the ultimate ball controlling technique that can help you master the game in the most advanced way.

Tennis Heroes with great Come Backs

Djokovic is one of the players with a great come back. Even after having a knee operation, he presented a great game at the annual Wimbledon Championship. Monica Seles got stabbed a few years back. It was hard to recover both physically and mentally, but she made a come back after two years and started winning Grand Slams in a few months. Andre Agassi,  a great player who was laid back because of some problems, made his way back and quickly reached the top, quickly showing everyone that age doesn’t matter. Serena Williams doesn’t need an introduction. She couldn’t perform in the court, but she made it to the world’s best player after a while. What’s better than that?

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