Football-Diving Deep Into It

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If added to your physical regime, the sports activities build up your stamina and increase dopamine levels in your body. The types of sports you can play in an outdoor location are cricket, football, baseball, golf, etc. Football is one of the outdoor games that have been played globally, and its tournaments are held regularly in various nations. If you are a huge fan of the sports, you could make a living simply by playing some fun sports betting games via Ufabet168. You will come to know about the basics of football further below.

Basics Related To Football

This game is played in a field that is 53 yards in width and 120 yards in length. Therefore, the ball can be allowed in the area of length 100 yards in that rectangular field. There is a scoring zone of the length of approximately 10 yards on both ends of the field. It is a team game that involves 11 players in both teams respectively. There are goalposts present at both ends of the field to score points after field and touchdown goals.

The officials involved in overseeing this game are seven in number. They include a line judge, the head linesman, a back judge, a field judge, an umpire, and a referee. All these officials can decide to call penalties in case of breaking the rules, finding a spot for the football after every play, and overlooking the events of the complete game.

Line of scrimmage in football- It is the line that divides both teams on the football field. Using the line, you can determine the distance of offence from scoring and the length of the field the defender needs to protect. A total of four attempts are available for the offence from the line of scrimmage. These attempts are known as downs that are used to move the ball ahead until 10 yards. Then, if the offence succeeds, they get a new set of four downs to move the ball ahead.

Purpose of the game- The main purpose of this game is for a team to attain more goals than their opponent within the time limit of 90 minutes. There are two halves of 45 minutes in this game. A half time of 15 minutes if provided after the first half. After that, the second half begins, and if additional time is needed in case of a tie, it can be added by the referee.

Rules To Play Football

Some of the important rules to play a football game are

  • The time limit of a football match is usually 90 minutes with two halves of 45 minutes each. A break of 15 minutes is given between two halves.
  • The football should have a circumference of around 60 cm, and its shape should be circular.
  • Either natural or artificial grass can be used in the making of the field. The length of the pitch can be around 100 yards, and its width from 60 to 100 yards.
  • Maximum 7 players can be there as a substitute in a team. You can substitute players in your time any time, and a maximum of 3 substitutions can take in a team.


Besides the above rule, if a tie happens at the maximum time, then a penalty shootout can be allowed to break the tie and declare the final winner in a football match.

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