Manchester U vs Liverpool


Liverpool capped a fantastic week with a 4-1 win over 10-man Manchester United at Old Trafford to rekindle their Premier League title hopes.

Pinnacle Sports Review

Pinnacle Sports immediately strikes you as an American site with an initial focus on American sports and television shows but the next thing you notice about the site is its simplicity. Not many betting sites will provide a white backdrop and very few graphics on the main page and Pinnacle Sports almost reminds you of the bygone days of the internet. However, it is extremely easy to navigate and find what you want with the text being of readable size without forcing anyone to strain or making the screen seem full. It’s a clear and concise welcome to the site and there should be no problems in finding what you want to bet on. If you are into sports betting and 올인구조대 games, be sure to play securely.

One page is all you need

Everything you need to complete the registration process for Pinnacle Sports is contained on one page with one form so it is a simple process that anyone should be able to complete. The standard security checks and verification processes appear to be in place so there is no need for concern that Pinnacle Sports have a lax view of security but it does appear as though they have made it easier to join up to their site. Pinnacle Sports also send out a personal ID to the email address used when starting the account to provide an extra layer of security for users.

What you will notice about the sportsbook is that it has a definite American slant and the term soccer is used without irony or comedy. This should mean that if you are a fan of NFL, NBA or NBL, this site should be the first site to come to as it places a great importance on these leagues. A wide range of other sports are covered as well as a number of miscellaneous bets and Poker and Casino options. Whilst not having the in-depth sporting bets that some have, Pinnacle Sports provide a fresh approach to sports betting which may appeal to a number of users.

Simplicity is the key

Unlike some sites where it appears you may need a degree in IT to understand how things work or you need to download a number of items in order to work, Pinnacle Sports maintains its simple approach to life. This should make the site attractive to new users or gamblers who are not comfortable with some of the modern features of betting sites. There is no doubt that some of the betting sites uses modern technology extremely well but the latest technologies aren’t for everyone and if a more basic approach is what you require, Pinnacle Sports has the antidote for you.

Pinnacle Sports only provide an email service as a means of contacting them with any problems but it does state that their response unit is manned 24 hours a day so there should be a quick response to any issues that may arise. This keeps in touch with the rest of the website and hopefully this should be enough to resolve any customer issues.

With a wide range of currencies and cards, transfers and internet options to deposit and withdraw money, Pinnacle Sports manages to provide a full service to its customers which should ensure that everyone is able to gamble with the site.

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