Wants to know about the ICC World Cup?


ICC World Cup is the tournament for cricket in which different teams are organized from their native countries. This tournament is organized by ICC (International Cricket Council) after every four years. It is one of the famous cricket tournaments in any sports event, and it has attracted many people around the world. It is one of the most viewed tournaments in any sports events, and it is also held in different components like for men’s, women’s, under 19. The women’s world cup was organized every two years before the men’s world cup.

About the tournament

The first international cricket match was held on 24 and 25 September 1844, and it was played between Canada and United States teams. The tournament has changed entirely over the course; now, it has been played between eight teams divided into four groups. There is two group stage, in which four teams played with each other with a knock out the base. Then from each group two- two teams progress to the semifinal semifinals and play against each other to come to the final. Then in the finals, two teams played against each other for winning the tournament.

There are several changes in the format according to the years done, and different sources of tournaments control this all. In the tournament held in 2007, 16 teams have been taken apart, located with four different groups. The top 2 teams from each group moved to another round, known as Super 8, these eight teams played against each other, and the top 4 teams moved to the semifinal. After the four teams played against each other from the two teams, go to the final and played with others and won the tournament.

In 2019, the tournaments’ format changed as the number of teams to 10; every team plays against each other before entering the semifinal. After entering the semifinalsemifinal, teams play against each other to move to the final, and in the final, two teams played with each other for winning the tournaments.

Rules for the tournaments

Each captain of the team shall nominate 11 players with four players additional before the toss. Players can be changed after the nomination.

The player who has been suspended for participating in the match must be permitted from the coin toss and for the remainder before the match.

There is only one empire should stand in each match, which is appointed by the ICC. There will be no umpire from countries in which teams have to be participating in the tournaments.

There will also one referee for all matches appointed by the ICC, and there will be no referee from the same country in which teams have to be participating.

There will also be the appointment of scorers, scorer correctness, and acknowledging the ICC will hold signals.


Here we are discussing the ICC World Cup; the points mentioned above are enough to understand the tournament. Sports tournaments play a vital role in every event, and it also inherits the player’s performance.

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